Coming Soon – March 2018

Upcoming trip to Malawi. The purpose of this trip is to conduct market research with the end-users and meet with orgnaizations for potential partnerships to bring our product into the market.

January 2018 Report

Since winning the People’s Choice Award and seed capital from World Vision Canada at the Social Innovation Challenge, World Vision has supported us in the development of the business and market research plans. We’re working with them this month to formalize a business plan and plan out the first steps in creating a travel plan to target locations in Africa.

Furthermore, some of our mentors/supporters, including Ahmed Mahmoud and the Toronto Tool Library have been introduced through World Vision’s network. Their advice and support has been crucial in the progress of our work and our prototype development. We hope to continue a positive relationship with World Vision in the future.

September 2017 Report

Our team has produced a series of prototypes and design models, and continues to improve and build on our existing model. We are currently working towards building a revised prototype model after receiving feedback from various professionals.